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Partnerships for Programmatic Success Programs With


The Horace & Amy



The overall goal for the Summer 2022 program is to increase 65 students’ capacity for educational progress while fostering mental and emotional well-being. Our efforts endeavor to positively impact student preparation for success during the 2022-2023 school year by providing innovative and responsive, summer enrichment services in a 1:7 group environment.



School of Education and Human Services at Molloy College

Participants are guided to identify their strengths, passions, and dreams and to explore ways to achieve their unique goals through an action plan. NYS certified elementary and special education educators and a licensed psychologist facilitate this 6 week program and are supported by Molloy College undergraduate/graduate education students. The program utilizes flexible, innovative, and engaging teaching and learning strategies to meet the needs of the students.   Our cross-curricular approach provides opportunities to interact with authentic children’s literature through activities in the areas of ELA, ARTS, STEM, STREAM, Foreign language (ASL) and physical education. 

Crypto Means Business

For financial literacy programs, students will learn the value of earning, saving, investing, and donating.

Redz, Inc.

Exposes our students to a combination of dialogue, visual arts and character values to build confidence, wholeness, and an awareness of the power of words.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Molloy College and the Nassau Suffolk Association of Black Social Workers

Will provide licensed mental health professionals and graduate students to support the emotional well-being of participants’ parents and program staff. Emotional support circles will be offered to engage parents and staff in culturally-responsive dialogue groups.

Fit and Fearless Karate

Exposes our students to martial arts while increasing their concentration, mental discipline, and safety awareness


Will offer our students an introduction into sign language.  

Soccer Shots

Collaboration will challenge our student’s individual fitness skills while teaching them sportsmanship. 


Will offer our students yoga and nutrition classes which studies report will help children have better concentration, enhanced memory, increased motivation, and productivity while reducing stress and offering our students a better quality of sleep.  

The National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees

Introduces students to careers in the field of Aviation while giving them hands-on exposure to the cockpit and other areas of JFK International Airport. 

STRONG Youth and Island Harvest Karate

Afford our students a therapeutic space that nurtures their social emotional learning while teaching them how agriculture and communities impact social equity.  

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