3 D's Aftercare Inc was founded by Dr. Zodelia Williams, DSW, LMSW.  Having adopted the name Modern Day Harriet Tubman, she believes that all children have a right to be free from the circumstances or challenges that confront them and that they should be encouraged to dream big and given the tools to make their dreams come true. Inspired by her challenges and triumphs as a single-parent of three (Dwight, Jr., Danielle and Daria), she has founded 3D’s Aftercare, Inc. where children have been encouraged and empowered to dream for over 10 years. 


To empower children, create confidence and encourage academic accountability.


To empower children with higher self-esteem, a greater sense of self-worth and an understanding of responsibility through remote learning, mentoring, parent support (parenting programs bereavement groups), tutoring, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) afterschool, social emotional learning, life skills training, conflict resolution, mental health counseling and summer camp programs


To affirm and empower a nation of children that will powerfully impact their community and the world.


3 D’s Aftercare, Inc. meets the needs of both parents and children with academic and cultural enrichment with their after school and summer camp programs; fosters dream developing and dream manifestation by building relationships with mentors in their mentorship program and empowers parents to actualize their goals.  Dr. Williams is confident in the power that adults have to influence the life of a child and therefore impact the world; her choice has been to provide positive influences that will produce positive impact.